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11 Legendary players who never won an ICC World Cup

2. Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly’s contribution to Indian cricket has never been in doubt. He was not only a great captain but also a fantastic cricketer during his playing days. A captain is someone who is responsible for getting the best out of every cricketer in the team. Ganguly turned the pages of several Indian cricketers who went on to become the greatest players.

His captaincy tenure was an integral part of India’s golden era in the history of Indian cricket. Dada will also be remembered for sowing the seeds to start a new era in Indian cricket. Popularly tagged as the ‘God on the off-side’, he brought the best out of players and transformed them into potential match-winners.

He helped Team reach the World Cup 2003 final but lost to Australia. He has a terrific record playing in the World Cup where he scored 1006 runs, registering his personal best score of 183 against Sri Lanka. The Bengal Tiger hit 4 centuries and 3 fifties with a batting average of 55.88.

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