Prankster Jarvo shares ‘behind the scenes clip’ in The Oval Test

Jarvo 69 was arrested after he collided with Jonny Bairstow.

Jarvo 69 arrested
(Photo Source: Twitter)

A cricket match without spice is like relishing the game without any flavour. The cricket fraternity has witnessed so many incidents that kept the fans engaging. From players coming up with their hilarious antics to the audience doing some drama in the stands, the sport has been nothing short of entertainment.

Those special moments make the sport a special one. Besides that, the game has also witnessed several intruders since the inception of the sport. In all likelihood, no intruder invaded the pitch multiple times as that of prankster Jarvo.

Daniel Jarvis, popularly known as “Jarvo69” seems to be enjoying the best days of his life by coming up with his antics. He became the most talked-about person on social media. While a certain section of the crowd didn’t give him good reception, others liked his entry on the ground.

On the other hand, several cricket experts were not happy with the security officials of the grounds in England. Earlier, India’s renowned commentator Harsha Bhogle took to Twitter and lashed out at the ground officials for not bolstering the security.

Jarvo shares ‘behind the scenes’ post in The Oval Test

Jarvo announced himself as an Indian fielder in The Lord’s Test in London. While we all thought that he would put his antics to a close once and for all, little did we know that it is just the beginning of his hilarious chapter.

The Lord’s prankster invaded the ground during the third Test match at Headingley in Leeds. This time around, he entered the field as India’s no.4 batsman following Rohit Sharma’s departure in the second innings. He was then handed a life ban from entering the Headingley ground.


However, his antics didn’t stop just there. During the fourth Test, things got a little uglier after the prankster entered the field as a bowler where he ran straight into Jonny Bairstow. The incident happened during the 34th over of England’s innings on Day 2.

This is not at all acceptable by any means. He was arrested by the cops for invading the turf and was released days later. Meanwhile, Jarvo released a “behind the scenes video clip” of him invading The Oval turf in the fourth Test. The video clip’s caption reads: “Jarvo 69 bowls for India”.