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Pitch intruder Jarvo takes his antics to the next level at The Oval

Some fans enjoyed the moment while some lashed out at Jarvo for interrupting the game yet again.

Usually, in the game of cricket, distractions come from external sources. If for instance when a stranger invades the pitch, the play stops for a while until things get sorted out by the security officials. The ground officials in England haven’t tightened their security.

The prankster identified as “Jarvo” has been one of the most talked-about fans on social media recently. The England fan clad in India’s jersey put on a good show at the Lord’s in London. He tried to convince the match officials that he is an Indian fielder.

Nonetheless, the officials weren’t ready to buy his antics and he was taken off the field. After that, a video clip of Jarvo hilariously setting up a tent during a live cricket match went viral on the internet. As if that wasn’t enough, he turned up once again in the third Test match between England and India at Headingley in Leeds.

The prankster entered the field after Rohit Sharma’s dismissal in the second innings. Interestingly, Jarvo came out to bat at No.4 and took everyone by surprise. Meanwhile, the security officials forcefully dragged him off the park.

Jarvo 69 turns up again, this time at The Oval

The prankster who was banned for life on charges of security breach turned up at The Oval to entertain the fans of both teams. While he wanted to bat in the third Test, he expressed his intention to bowl in the fourth Test.

As all the cricketers were scratching their heads in confusion, the prankster Jarvo ran into England’s Jonny Bairstow on the pitch before releasing the red ball from his hands. The prankster was again quickly escorted away from the ground.


Talking about the game, India posted 191 in the first innings. Shardul Thakur and Virat Kohli scored 57 and 50 respectively. Chris Woakes took 4 wickets for the hosts. England have gone past the 150-run mark. Umesh Yadav was the pick of the bowlers as he took 3 wickets.

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