ICC U19 World Cup: Earthquake experienced at Ireland versus Zimbabwe match

ICC U19 World Cup: Earthquake experienced at Ireland versus Zimbabwe match

The young cricketers who are playing the U-19 World Cup have been absolutely making sure that they are giving everything on the field. Thanks to the ICC for organizing the World Cup tournament for the youngsters. It has helped the cricket-playing nations unearth budding talents.

Meanwhile, the Plate Semi-Final 2 match between Ireland and Zimbabwe experienced an earthquake at Queen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad. In fact, tremors were felt during the game in the ongoing ICC Men’s U-19 World Cup on Saturday.

For the unversed, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Port of Spain triggered the tremors during the game. Despite the natural disaster, it had zero impact on the match. However, the commentators specified the tremors they felt during the live broadcast.

Tremors felt during the game between Ireland and Zimbabwe

The incident happened when Ireland spinner Matthew Humphreys came into the attack to bowl the fifth ball of the 6th over to Zimbabwe batsman Brian Bennett. At that time, the front-on camera started to shake unexpectedly.

Needless to say, the play didn’t stop as Bennett tried to play a defensive shot to mid-off region and then dispatched the next delivery for a boundary, added a report in ESPNcricinfo. One of the Twitter users observed that the ground shook for 20 seconds during the sixth over.

“Earthquake at Queen’s Park Oval during U19 World Cup match between @cricketireland and @ZimCricketv! Ground shook for approximately 20 seconds during sixth over of play. @CricketBadge and @NikUttam just roll with it like a duck to water!,” Peter Della Penna added.


Meanwhile, Andrew Leonard, the ICC commentator said when the camera started to wobble, “We are… I believe we are having an earthquake right now. In the box. We are indeed having an earthquake (laughs).

It felt like not just a train going by behind us, but the whole Queen’s Park Oval media centre rocked.” Talking about the game, Zimbabwe posted 166 whereas Ireland chased down the target in 32 overs and won the game by 8 wickets.