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WATCH: Chris Williams lits up European Cricket League with a revenge phone-call celebration

It is no secret that cricket has the power to bind people together irrespective of other factors. Moreover, countless people from all across the world enjoy the sport. Cricket is the second-most-watched sport in the sports fraternity. In fact, cricket is played in different formats from all across the world.

Among all the formats, the T20 format is the most-watched and entertaining one, without the shadow of any doubt. Batsmen, bowlers and fielders have raised their bar to make the competition healthy. Meanwhile, the European Cricket League witnessed an interesting incident on the field.

Cricketers usually come up with different celebrations after they accomplish something on the field. During the game between Tunbridge Wells and Dreux, we witnessed a phone-call celebration that went viral all over social media sites. Chris Williams was the one who performed the celebration.

European Cricket League records a phone-call celebration from Chris Williams

Notably, Chris Williams came up with this celebration for a reason. He performed the celebration while scoring 56 off 27 as revenge to the previous celebration from Wahid Abdul. Previously, Wahid Abdul removed his shoe after making a complete mess of Marcus O’Riordan’s stumps as the latter departed for 8.

There is no hiding from the fact that European Cricket League comes across some remarkable moments every season. The game between Tunbridge Wells and Dreuz witnessed a memorable moment as the fans came across one of the best revenge moments ever on the field.

Batting first, Tunbridge Wells aggregated a total of 141/3. Chris Williams was the pick of the batsmen as he chipped in with a remarkable half-century. Wahid Abdul had clean bowled Marcus O’Riordan (8) and then annoyed the opposition by celebrating the wicket by taking his shoe off.


As the cameraman zoomed in on the scene, Wahid removed his shoe and then performed the action of making a phone call. But little did he know that his celebration would come back to haunt him. Williams also came up with a similar type of celebration after hammering two sixes.

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