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Umpire Aleem Dar gleefully celebrates his judgement in Pakistan Super League

Umpires are one of the major parts of the game. As many as three umpires officiate the game. Two umpires will step out on the field and on the other hand, the third umpire sits off the field with a television replay monitor in front of him. Usually, the umpires who step out on the field will have a busy day at the office as they will have to check each and every delivery.

After every over, the umpire takes a turn to officiate at the bowler’s end. So, basically, one umpire stands right behind the stumps (i.e. at the bowler’s end of the pitch). On the contrary, the other umpire positions himself at square leg. As far as the international level is concerned, the third umpire will be on the sidelines including a match referee.

Being an umpire is not that easy because he has to make a judgement accurately and that too pretty quickly. There have been several instances where umpires’ decisions have been spot on. On the other contrary, they have also made mistakes. Their judgements might be wrong at times but that doesn’t mean they are “average”.

Aleem Dar celebrates his correct decision

This is where technology comes into play. On several occasions, technology has played an important role in minimizing the umpiring blunders. In an era where umpires are being criticized for their poor calls on the field, Pakistani umpire identified as Aleem Dar has by far lived up to his reputation. It is fair to say that Simon Taufel was the best umpire during his stint.

Now, Aleem Dar is arguably the best umpire at present. The top umpire once again proved why he is the best umpire during the sixth edition of the Pakistan Super League. During the match between Karachi Knights and Islamabad United, Aleem Dar showcased his sheer brilliance in the last over of the game.

The match went to the final over of the game where Islamabad United won the game by 5 wickets with 5 balls to spare. However, in the final over of Islamabad’s batting, umpire Aleem Dar made his decision by adjudging Asif Ali not out for an loud LBW appeal from Karachi Kings’ players.


When the umpire turned down the decision, the Karachi Kings decided to take a review and upon observing it in a TV replay monitor, the third umpire had asked Aleem Dar to stay with the original decision. It was when Aleem Dar celebrated his right judgement.

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