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What is Fab 4 in Cricket? Which cricketers have this tag?

The prestigious group is created by cricket pundits and fans.

Cricket is considered a team sport and it is absolutely vital for the players to up the ante collectively such that they can be so decisive in aiming for a victory. However, in reality, not all players would bring the best out of themselves. It is quite evident that the most consistent players or the elite players would fix the leaks and go about their business.

Every top team must have a premier batsman in their arsenal who stands out owing to his high run-scoring ability and the potential to dominate the bowling attacks. By doing so, a batter can make a telling impact on the game as well. The batsman who performs consistently well in high-pressure games are called “clutch players” and are coined “Fab 4” by the experts.

What is Fab 4?

“Fab 4” means “Fabulous 4”, which signifies four outstanding batters who are considered the top-tier batters of their generation. For the record, the catchy phrase “Fab 4” gained traction among the fans of the cricket fraternity in the early 2000s when the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Jacques Kallis, Ricky Ponting and Rahul Dravid were constantly making waves with the bat.

The aforementioned names were said to be the premier batters in that era. Needless to say, the “Fab 4” has also been used to cite the other groups of four cricketers in various time periods. The “Fab 4” cricketers have consistently showcased their mettle in clutch moments. Besides that, they are pretty good in terms of their technique, temperament and overall performance.

Which four cricketers are fab 4?

Piling up runs in Tests is considered the ultimate challenge and the batters who keep producing a spark in the long term in the traditional format are said to be the “Fab 4” batters. In the present era, the fab four batters are none other than Steve Smith, Virat Kohli, Joe Root and Kane Williamson. The top four Test batters of the modern era have been consistently delivering the goods for the team in Test cricket.

Virat KohliTeam India
Steven SmithAustralia
Joe RootEngland
Kane WilliamsonNew Zealand

Centuries by the Fab 4 in Cricket

Joe Root is the leading run-scorer among the active players in the purest format of the game with over 11,000 runs. However, Steve Smith has been the best batsman so far in the longest format. Notably, Steve Smith hit 32 centuries, the most by any batter in the present era. Joe Root comes next on the list with 30 centuries whereas the likes of Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson scored 28 centuries apiece.

Steve Smith9,07932
Joe Root11,17830
Virat Kohli8,47928
Kane Williamson8,12428

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