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List of Sachin Tendulkar centuries in international cricket

Sachin Tendulkar has hit the most number of centuries in Cricket history.

Sachin Tendulkar, who is a recipient of the highest honour of India, the Bharat Ratna, was a legendary batter during his cricket career and is without any doubt the greatest of all time. He is popularly known as the God of Cricket, Master Blaster, and whatnot. He is the best batter that the cricketing world has ever seen, and there is no one better than him even today after 10 years of his retirement. He has numerous records to his name, and it is not even humanly possible to keep a record of all of them.

The most important quality of his batting is that he is technically very sound and plays proper cricket shots. There is hardly any batter in the world who plays a straight drive and the uppercut shot better than him. His determination and discipline on the field make him better than the rest.

Sachin Tendulkar has 100 international centuries to his name

Well, there is no need to explain this record to anyone reading this article, as they are familiar with the record of Sachin Tendulkar, in which he has hit 100 international centuries. If anyone is even expected to break that record, it is Virat Kohli; otherwise, there is no one in world cricket who can break this record ever.

Tendulkar has scored over 30,000 runs in international cricket, and one of them is even nearing breaking that record. When we talk about the best batters in cricket history, there is Sachin Tendulkar at the top, there is daylight, and then there are the rest of the batters. Such is the aura of the great Master Blaster.

Overall, Sachin has 100 centuries, out of which 51 have come in test match cricket and 49 in ODI cricket. Tendulkar has a career batting average of a solid 48.52, which is an insane figure in a 24-year-long cricket career.

The God of Cricket has scored 18000+ runs in his ODI career at an average of 44.83, whereas he has almost 16000 runs in his test career at an astonishing average of 53.78. He has played a total of 664 international matches in his career, which is more than anyone else in the world.


From a 16-year-old teenager facing Shoaib Akhtar in his prime to a 40-year-old experienced and legendary batter, Sachin Tendulkar’s career is a different life story in itself. Sachin has also achieved all the major peaks in his career, as he has won the ICC ODI Cricket World Cup, the ICC T20I Cricket World Cup, as well as the Indian Premier League.

List of Sachin Tendulkar Test Centuries:

S. No.ScoreOppositionVenueDate
1119*EnglandManchester, England09-08-1990
2148*AustraliaSydney, Australia02-01-1992
3114AustraliaPerth, Australia01-02-1992
4111South AfricaJoburg, South Africa26-11-1992
5165EnglandChennai, India11-02-1993
6104*Sri LankaColombo, Sri Lanka27-07-1993
7142Sri LankaLucknow, India18-01-1994
8179West IndiesNagpur, India01-12-1994
9122EnglandBirmingham, England06-06-1996
10177EnglandNottingham, England04-07-1996
11169South AfricaCape Town, South Africa02-01-1997
12143Sri LankaColombo, Sri Lanka02-08-1997
13139Sri LankaColombo, Sri Lanka09-08-1997
14148Sri LankaMumbai, India03-12-1997
15155*AustraliaChennai, India06-03-1998
16177AustraliaBengaluru, India25-03-1998
17113New ZealandWellington, New Zealand26-12-1998
18136PakistanChennai, India28-01-1999
19124*Sri LankaColombo, Sri Lanka24-02-1999
20126*New ZealandMohali, India10-10-1999
21217New ZealandAhmedabad, India29-10-1999
22116AustraliaMelbourne, Australia26-12-1999
23122ZimbabweDelhi, India18-11-2000
24201*ZimbabweNagpur, India25-11-2000
25126AustraliaChennai, India18-03-2001
26155South AfricaBloemfontein, South Africa03-11-2001
27103EnglandAhmedabad, India11-12-2001
28176ZimbabweNagpur, India21-02-2002
29117West IndiesPort of Spain, West Indies19-04-2002
30193EnglandLeeds, England22-08-2002
31176West IndiesKolkata, India30-10-2002
32241*AustraliaSydney, Australia02-01-2004
33194*PakistanMultan, Pakistan28-03-2004
34248*BangladeshDhaka, Bangladesh10-12-2004
35109Sri LankaDelhi, India10-12-2005
36101BangladeshChittagong, Bangladesh18-05-2007
37122*BangladeshMirpur, Bangladesh25-05-2007
38154*AustraliaSydney, Australia02-01-2008
39153AustraliaAdelaide, Australia24-01-2008
40109AustraliaNagpur, India06-11-2008
41103*EnglandChennai, India11-12-2008
42160New ZealandHamilton, New Zealand18-03-2009
43100*Sri LankaAhmedabad, India16-11-2009
44105*BangladeshChittagong, Bangladesh17-01-2010
45143BangladeshMirpur, Bangladesh24-01-2010
46100South AfricaNagpur, India06-02-2010
47106South AfricaKolkata, India14-02-2010
48103Sri LankaColombo, Sri Lanka26-07-2010
49214AustraliaBengaluru, India09-10-2010
50111*South AfricaCenturion, South Africa16-12-2010
51146South AfricaCape Town, South Africa02-01-2011

List of Sachin Tendulkar ODI Centuries:

S. No.ScoreOppositionVenueDate
1110AustraliaColombo, Sri Lanka09-09-1994
2115New ZealandVadodara, India28-10-1994
3105West IndiesJaipur, India11-11-1994
4112*Sri LankaSharjah, UAE09-04-1995
5127*KenyaCuttack, India18-02-1996
6137Sri LankaDelhi, India 02-03-1996
8118PakistanSharjah, UAE15-04-1996
9110Sri LankaColombo, Sri Lanka28-08-1996
10114South AfricaMumbai, India14-12-1996
11104ZimbabweBenoni, Zimbabwe09-02-1997
12117New ZealandBengaluru, India14-05-1997
13100AustraliaKanpur, India07-04-1998
14143AustraliaSharjah, UAE22-04-1998
15134AustraliaSharjah, UAE24-04-1998
16100*KenyaKolkata, India31-05-1998
17128Sri LankaColombo, Sri Lanka07-07-1998
18127*ZimbabweBulawayo, Zimbabwe26-09-1998
19141AustraliaDhaka, Bangladesh28-10-1998
20118*ZimbabweSharjah, UAE08-11-1998
21124*ZimbabweSharjah, UAE13-11-1998
22140*KenyaBristol, England23-05-1999
23120Sri LankaColombo, Sri Lanka29-08-1999
24186*New ZealandHyderabad, India08-11-1999
25122South AfricaVadodara, India17-03-2000
26101Sri LankaSharjah, UAE20-10-2000
27146ZimbabweJodhpur, India08-12-2000
28139AustraliaIndore, India31-03-2001
29122*West IndiesHarare, Zimbabwe04-07-2001
30101South Africa Joburg, South Africa05-10-2001
31146KenyaPaarl, South Africa24-10-2001
32105*EnglandChester-Le-Street, England04-07-2002
33152Sri LankaBristol, England11-07-2002
35100AustraliaGwalior, India26-10-2003
36102New ZealandHyderabad, India15-11-2003
37141PakistanRawalpindi, Pakistan16-03-2004
38123PakistanAhmedabad, India12-04-2005
39100PakistanPeshawar, Pakistan06-02-2006
40141*West IndiesKuala Lumpur, Malaysia14-09-2006
41100*West IndiesVadodara, India31-01-2007
42117*AustraliaSydney, Australia02-03-2008
43163*New ZealandChristchurch, New Zealand08-03-2009
44138Sri LankaColombo, Sri Lanka14-09-2009
45175AustraliaHyderabad, India05-11-2009
46200*South AfricaGwalior, India24-02-2010
47120EnglandBengaluru, India27-02-2011
48111South AfricaNagpur, India12-03-2011
49114BangladeshMirpur, Bangladesh16-03-2012

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