BCCI official hits out at PCB over Kashmir Premier League ruckus

Earlier, Herschelle Gibbs claimed BCCI threatening him over Kashmir Premier League participation.

BCCI. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Former South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs made a bold statement exposing BCCI’s agenda on social media recently. Gibbs’ statement spread like wildfire on Twitter. Fans from other nations leapt to Gibbs’ defence and started slamming BCCI. Gibbs lashed out at BCCI for trying to stop him from playing the inaugural Kashmir Premier League (KPL).

The former Proteas batsman slammed BCCI for bringing their infamous “political agenda with Pakistan into the equation”. Meanwhile, India’s governing body, BCCI has now hit out at Herschelle Gibbs and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) over the ongoing talks of the Kashmir Premier League.

The BCCI made it clear that it is well within the rules to make the right decisions concerning the cricketing events in India. Following Gibbs’ statement, the BCCI official added that there is no certainty about the statement being “true”. The BCCI said it has only rights to make the decision to play cricket in India.

It is the internal matter of the BCCI: Official

A BCCI official on the condition of anonymity echoed that it is totally an internal matter of the BCCI. They said that they should allow the sport for entertainment than their decision making.

“PCB is coming across as confused. Just the way the decision to not allow players of Pakistani origin to participate in the IPL cannot be construed as interfering in the internal affairs of an ICC member, the decision, if any, to allow or disallow anyone from participating in any manner with cricket within India is purely an internal matter of the BCCI,” the BCCI official on July 31.

Pakistan Board issued a statement in the aftermath of Gibbs’ statement. Meanwhile, PCB cited that BCCI violated international norms and the spirit of cricket. PCB said BCCI is getting involved in internal affairs of the ICC Members and that the PCB sanctioned the KPL.


“The PCB would do well to peruse the ICC’s classification of official cricket. In the eventuality that a retired player is participating as a player in a tournament, it would not quite be official cricket and any permission granted would be moot. I am not really sure how they are reading this to mean what they are intending it to mean, but then the PCB’s positioning is always bemusing. They should allow cricket to entertain rather than their decision making,” said the BCCI official.