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2018 Cricket World Cup winner Naresh Tumda works as a daily-wage labourer in Gujarat

Naresh Tumda earns Rs 250 per day.

Cricket is the most-watched sport in India. The majority of the people dream to play for Team India. However, that ends as a dream but not in reality. While there are scores of people, only a handful of players get to don the Indian jersey and represent the country with tonnes of pride.

Moreover, cricket is the sport that makes the proven talents famous in an instant. Several media outlets praise the stand out players and it’s been happening like that for a long time now. At a time where cricketers evolve from a simple lifestyle to a super luxurious lifestyle, there is another side of stories that we don’t often come across.

Would you believe that a cricket World Cup winner is continuing to struggle to make his ends meet? Yes, you read it right. A player who made the country proud by winning the World Cup in 2018 is now struggling for two square meals a day.

The 29-year-old Naresh Tumda was part of the team that clinched the Blind Cricket World Cup in 2018 by beating Pakistan in Sharjah. Today, he is currently plying his trade as a daily-wage labourer in his hometown Navsari in Gujarat.

Naresh Tumda urges the government to grant him a job

In fact, Naresh Tumda has also applied for many government jobs, but nothing worked out. He disclosed his daily earnings stating that he earns Rs 250 a day, which is hardly enough to run his family. Living in a small house, he has also urged the government to grant him a job.

“I earn Rs 250 a day, which is hardly enough to support my poor parents. I urge the government to grant me a job,” said Tumda. It is worth mentioning here that Naresh has many medals, certificates and photographs with cricketers and celebrities.


Even after trying for a long time and knowing that his pleas gave no response, Tumda had no option but to become a vegetable seller. Nonetheless, the income from the small business was not enough. Naresh is the sole breadwinner of the family and finding it hard to take care of five people in his family.

“I can barely make ends meet with my paltry wages. My parents are old; my father cannot work. I am the sole breadwinner for the family. I have been expecting the government to show consideration for the past two years,” he said.

He started playing the sport when he was 5 years old. He was selected in the Gujarat team in 2014 and got a call to the national lineup. India chased down Pakistan’s target of 308 runs, with two wickets to spare in the World Cup final.

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