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WATCH: Mel Jones gifts bat to girls playing cricket in stands with a plastic water bottle

The current and previous generation is blessed to have witnessed cricketing extravaganza time and time again. Cricketers who represent their respective teams have delivered terrific performances and entertained the fans. Apart from the moments that take place on the field, the cricket fraternity has indeed bumped into some heart-touching moments as well.

Meanwhile, during the ongoing women’s Ashes Test in Canberra on January 29, an unexpected incident took place that made every one of us praise Mel Jones. The former Australian woman cricketer’s recent act of kindness has indeed melted the hearts of the fans.

When the rain played a spoilsport during the game, the players had to head back towards their respective dressing rooms and wait for the rain to stop. Meanwhile, an interesting incident took place in the stands that featured as many as 4 young girls playing cricket.

Mel Jones gifts a new bat to kids who were playing cricket with a bottle

Since they didn’t carry the bat to the stadium, the kids used the plastic bottle as a bat. The young girls got into the groove as they played cricket without even caring about the rain. The stunning visuals during the rain caught the attention of everyone.

Meanwhile, former Aussie cricketer Mel Jones who was commentating at the women’s Ashes Test also came across the moment. A few moments later, the cricketer-turned-broadcaster went up to the girls and then gifted them a new Kookaburra bat.

The video went viral on the internet. Later, Mel Jones along with her compeers joined the girls in the game. The former cricketer was seen bowling and umpiring in this match at the stands.


The touching incident was broadcasted during the telecast of the women’s solitary Ashes Test. It was later uploaded by Fox Cricket on Twitter. “What a beautiful moment Mel Jones gifting a brand new Kookaburra bat to these kids using a bottle during the rain delay,” read the caption.

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