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Rishabh Pant’s lawyer Eklavya Dwivedi reveals how the wicketkeeper was duped by Mrinank Singh

Rishabh Pant
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Indian wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant’s lawyer Eklavya Dwivedi has revealed how the tainted U19 cricketer Mrinank Singh duped the Indian international. As per Dwivedi, Pant trusted Mrinank because he knew him since 2013-14.

He also added that Mrinank approached Pant in 2021 or 2021 claiming that he has kickstarted a new business of luxury items. Rishabh Pant’s lawyer further stated that Mrikank provided the wicketkeeper with fake references to earn his trust. Following that, Pant placed the order for some luxury items and subsequently transferred some funds from his bank account. Moreover, the left-handed southpaw also handed over some luxury items to the accused to sell. However, Mrikank never delivered any luxury items to Pant or returned anything.

“Mrikank kept on making excuses” – Rishabh Pant’s Lawyer Eklavya Dwivedi

“They (Rishabh Pant and Mrinank Singh) met in 2013-2014 and then there was a long gap after which Rishabh was approached by Mr. Mrinank Singh in 2020 or 2021, saying that he started a new business in luxury items and he can procure the same at a very cheap price. He [said he] can even sell any of the luxury goods that are owned by Rishabh and get the latter high profit for the same,” revealed Eklavya Dwivedi while talking to News18 Cricketnext.

Mr Dwivedi further elaborated on how the whole fiasco began and how it turned into an act of fraud.

“So, this is how it all started and you know, Rishabh is a cricketer and has a soft spot for the people he knows. He trusted him and didn’t look into it too keenly. So, he thought that the matter will go ahead and he will get something from Mrinank. Rishabh placed that order and remitted some funds from his bank account. He also gave Mrinank some articles to sell. Post which, the accused couldn’t deliver any of these goods to my client. After that happened, both Rishabh and his manager were persistent. They kept on calling and messaging Mrinank, trying to ensure that the delivery takes place. But the latter kept on making excuses and he didn’t deliver any of the goods,” elaborated Rishabh Pant’s lawyer.

Mr Dwivedi further revealed that both parties reached a verbal agreement but Mrikank failed to hold on to his end as the cheques written by him to Rishabh Pant got bounced.


“Subsequently, there was a mutual oral settlement they arrived at. On this oral settlement, Mr. Mrinank Singh issued a cheque in favour of Rishabh for Rs 1.63 crore, which eventually bounced. From the bank, the total remittances were about Rs 1.3 crore and some jewellery and watches were handed over (for selling) for around Rs 60 lakhs,” Dwivedi concluded.

As the probe is going ahead, it has been found out that Rishabh Pant is not the only person Mrinank Singh has duped. He has conned many, including a Mumbai-based businessman, a movie director, and several hotels.

Meanwhile, Rishabh Pant will return to the action after the IPL as KL Rahul-led Team India will take on South Africa in a five-game T20I series.

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