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RCB vs PBKS Head-to-Head record in the history of IPL

RCB will aim to close the gap.

Royal Challengers Bangalore have been one of the teams that made a strong statement in terms of overall performances in the last three editions of the IPL. The fact that they have qualified for the playoffs in the last three seasons in a row goes to show that they are literally in the process. The players seem to be operating as a collective force, thus becoming more and more powerful.

They have had the chance to win the title but let the opportunity slip away from their hands in three finals. However, for RCB, all that matters for them is consistency and sheer will throughout the campaign to qualify for the playoffs. Their performances in the last season have been indeed impressive, considering that they made it to the playoffs.

They upped their ante in the Eliminator against Lucknow Super Giants. However, their defeat to Rajasthan Royals in the second qualifier meant the end of the road for them. On the other side of the coin, Punjab Kings have been the most inconsistent team in the history of the Indian Premier League. They have made it to the playoffs only twice in their history.

Punjab Kings made it to the playoffs in the inaugural edition of the IPL and since then, they kept losing crucial games in the coming seasons before they finally reached the playoffs in the IPL 2014 edition. Punjab Kings surrendered at the hands of Kolkata Knight Riders in the final. Since then, the Mohali-based franchise didn’t make it to the playoffs.

RCB vs PBKS: Head-to-Head Stats

PlayedWon by PBKSWon by RCBTieNo Result

For the record, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Punjab Kings produced thrilling encounters in the history of the IPL. Both teams locked horns with each other on 30 encounters so far in the competition. Meanwhile, Punjab Kings have the upper hand over Royal Challengers Bangalore as they have won 17 games against them.

On the other hand, Royal Challengers Bangalore managed to win as many as 13 games against Punjab Kings. The Mohali-based franchise got the better of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the first and second leg of the IPL 2022 season.


RCB vs PBKS: All-Season Stats

DateWinnerWon byVenue
13-May-2022Punjab Kings*54 RunsMumbai
27-Mar-2022Punjab Kings*5 WicketsMumbai
3-Oct-2021Royal Challengers Bangalore6 RunsSharjah
30-Apr-2021Punjab Kings*34 RunsAhmedabad
15-Oct-2020Punjab Kings*8 WicketsSharjah
24-Sep-2020Punjab Kings*97 RunsDubai
24-Apr-2019Royal Challengers Bangalore17 runsBengaluru
13-Apr-2019Royal Challengers Bangalore8 WicketsMohali
14-May-2018Royal Challengers Bangalore10 WicketsIndore
13-Apr-2018Royal Challengers Bangalore4 WicketsBengaluru
5-May-2017Punjab Kings*16 RunsBengaluru
10-Apr-2017Punjab Kings*8 WicketsIndore
17-May-2016Royal Challengers Bangalore82 RunsBengaluru
8-May-2016Royal Challengers Bangalore1 RunsMohali
12-May-2015Punjab Kings*22 RunsMohali
5-May-2015Royal Challengers Bangalore138 RunsBengaluru
8-May-2014Punjab Kings*32 RunsBengaluru
27-Apr-2014Punjab Kings*5 WicketsDubai
13-May-2013Punjab Kings*7 WicketsBengaluru
5-May-2013Punjab Kings*6 WicketsMohali
1-May-2012Punjab Kings*4 WicketsBengaluru
19-Apr-2012Royal Challengers Bangalore5 WicketsMohali
16-May-2011Punjab Kings*111 RunsDharamsala
5-May-2011Royal Challengers Bangalore85 RunsBengaluru
1-Apr-2010Royal Challengers Bangalore6 WicketsMohali
15-Mar-2010Royal Challengers Bangalore8 WicketsBengaluru
30-Apr-2009Royal Challengers Bangalore8 RunsDurban
23-Apr-2009Punjab Kings*7 WicketsDurban
11-May-2008Punjab Kings*9 WicketsMohali
4-May-2008Punjab Kings*6 WicketsBengaluru

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