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Olympic Discus Finalist Kamalpreet Kaur aims to play for Indian women’s cricket team

Kamalpreet Kaur finished sixth in Women's Discus throw final.

Kamalpreet Kaur hogged the limelight on Sunday by achieving a spectacular feat in the Discus throw. She became the only second Indian woman to reach the Olympic Finals. Kamalpreet Kaur made India proud with their performance.

She threw the Discus as far as 64 m in her third and final attempt. With this feat, she went on qualify for the Finals. Initially, she started with a throw of 61.62. But things didn’t go as per her plan on the second attempt. She fouled the next throw.

However, she gave it absolutely everything in the third and final attempt. She threw the farthest which is 63.70m. Kamalpreet was among the top 8 finalists out of the total of 12. But she couldn’t bring the best out of herself in the final three attempts.

As a result, she finished sixth in the competition. She might not have won a medal for the country. The Indian athlete can take pride in the fact that her 63.70 m was the best ever by an Indian woman in the Olympics. She even edged past Krishna Poonia’s 63.62m throw in the 2012 London Olympics.

Kamalpreet Kaur eyes to play Cricket for India

Earlier, in an exclusive interview with The Bridge, opened that she was in depression in 2020. She made her stance clear that she wants to play cricket by bidding adieu to Discus Throw.

The athlete told ‘The Bridge’ that she had even started practising cricket last year. “I had reached a point wherein I felt like leaving discus throw altogether and focus all my energies on cricket. In fact, I had even started practising cricket and left training discus” she said.


She confessed that she likes the bat-ball game very much. The Indian Discus Thrower expressed that she loves batting. She recalled fond memories of playing cricket with her cousins and neighbours in her village.

“I played Cricket with my cousins and children nearby in my village. Enjoyed playing cricket since childhood.” Kaur said. She further added that she would have been a cricketer had she knew that cricket tournaments happen for girls. She stumbled upon Athletic tournaments through her Physical Education teacher but not about cricket tournaments for women.

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