IPL 2023: Most Catches By A Fielder In IPL History

These players mostly field at hot spots.

Suresh Raina
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When it comes to determining the outcome of a match, fielders play an integral role in any format of the game. Whether it’s a tense situation or not, a catch dropped by a fielder can be detrimental to a team’s chances of securing a win. On the flip side, a spectacular catch can provide a significant boost of confidence to the entire team and lead to dominance on the field.

The number of opportunities a player has to take a catch depends on their fielding position, with T20Is often seeing the best fielders placed in positions such as long-on or long-off. In this article, we will be highlighting five players who have made the most catches in IPL history.

Most Catches by a Fielder in IPL:

Suresh Raina 1092040.5342008-2021
Kieron Pollard1031890.5442010-2022
Virat Kohli992270.4402008-2023
Rohit Sharma972310.4192008-2023
Shikhar Dhawan932100.4422008-2023

1. Suresh Raina – 109 catches

Suresh Raina holds the record for the most catches in the Indian Premier League with 109, making him the only player with over 100 catches in the tournament. Raina played primarily for the Chennai Super Kings and led the Gujarat Lions during the former’s two-year suspension. His catch-per-inning ratio of 0.534 in 204 innings is a remarkable feat.

2. Kieron Pollard – 103 catches

The West Indies all-rounder, amazes cricket fans with his spectacular boundary catches. His towering height gives him an advantage in grabbing catches with ease, especially at long-on and long-off positions. With a catch ratio of 0.545, he has taken 103 catches in 189 innings of the league. 

3. Virat Kohli – 99 catches

The highest run-scorer in IPL history, has played only for Royal Challengers Bangalore since 2008. He has taken 99 catches in 227 innings, resulting in a catch-per-innings ratio of 0.440. Kohli’s fielding skills are impressive and are an asset to his team.

4. Rohit Sharma – 97 catches

The IPL captain, fielding inside the circle, has taken 97 catches in 231 games played. With a catch-per-innings ratio of 0.419, his skills remain notable, despite being positioned in areas with fewer chances to catch. He is also one of the top guys with most man of the match awards in the IPL.


5. Shikar Dhawan – 93 catches

The Punjab captain, Shikhar Dhawan, ranks fifth among players with the most catches in IPL history. He has taken 93 catches in 210 innings for five different teams, giving him a catch-per-innings ratio of 0.442. His exceptional skills in the field have made him a valuable asset for any IPL team.