Mohammad Kaif names the two most-impressive skippers of all-time

Mohammad Kaif
Image Credits: Twitter
Mohammad Kaif
Image Credits: Twitter

Former India cricketer Mohammad Kaif has revealed his two most-favourite captains of all-time. Notably, the legendary fielder played most of his career under one of the greatest skippers of all-time Sourav Ganguly. However, the former India skipper failed to make among the two favourite skippers of Kaif.

In the game of cricket, a captain plays a pivotal role in the team’s success. It doesn’t matter even if you assemble a team filled with superstars, if there isn’t an able leader to steer the team, the chances of success decrease considerably. A captain is a person who brings the best out of his team and each player while leading from the front.

Moreover, a captain’s approach to the game becomes the team’s identity for often than not. Over the years, we have witnessed multiple examples of a captain imprinting his identity on the team. From Sourav Ganguly’s Team India to MS Dhoni’s Men in Blue to Virat Kohli’s team, one can easily pick out every team with an identity associated with the skipper.

Mohammad Kaif picks the two most-impressive captains

In a significant revelation, the former India player Mohammad Kaif has named current India skipper Rohit Sharma and New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson as the two most-impressive captains.

It comes as a surprise to many fans as both skippers are yet to achieve a lot to even be considered among the best skippers of the all-time. Rohit Sharma is a pretty new captain in the international arena and is yet to prove his mettle.

Meanwhile, Kane Williamson is successfully leading New Zealand for years now but he is still far away from the elite group of the skippers.


Many fans believed that Mohammad Kaif will pick two skippers from Sourav Ganguly, MS Dhoni, and Ricky Ponting. While MS Dhoni and Ricky Ponting have the most-glittering trophy cabinets in the world, Sourav Ganguly single-handedly changed the facade of the Indian cricket with his aggressive leadership.