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English cricketer David Hymers arrested for sending explicit messages to teenage girls

In a shocking development, a club level cricketer has been arrested for misbehaving with schoolgirls. Cricketers are idols for numerous people and they should lead by example. It is absolutely shocking to know that a cricketer would stoop so low to do a disgraceful act.

A 29-year-old club cricketer named David Hymers came under for sending explicit messages to underage girls. The police arrested the English cricketer and sentenced him to three years community order with a sex offender program.


The cricketer was arrested right in front of his teammates. He was confronted by paedophile hunters before he was arrested by two police officers from the training ground. The Mirror reports that Hymers was detained at the Tynemouth Cricket Club ground during his training session.

David Hymers arrest for his disgraceful online antics

Before his arrest, David Hymers was inquired about his shameful online chat by the members of the undercover organisation Guardians of the North. Meanwhile, David’s teammates were taken aback when the head of the organizer said that he needed to speak to him about his online conversation.


“The police are on their way,” the group informed the disgraced athlete as per a report published in the Mirror. After that, he was arrested by two policemen. The culprit also admitted two charges of getting engaged in a sex chat with a child after he was deceived to believe that he was chatting with a 13 and 14-year-old underage schoolgirl.

The report said the fake social media accounts of underage girls were created by the Guardians of the North to expose online predators. Meanwhile, prosecutor Andrew Espley told the New Castle United court about everything.


He said David interacted with lines. Some of his lines read: “Hey, that’s a nice top, did you get it on sale because it’s 100 per cent off at my place.” “He said he would extend the offer to their pants,” Espley further said.

Hymers was confronted by the group last August. It happened after they found out that he played cricket for a local team, the prosecutor told the court. “They turned up, they spoke to him, they called the police and Mr Hymers was arrested,” Espley said.

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