5 young Indian cricketers and their cute girlfriends

With the advent of social media platforms, it has become quite an easy job for cricketers to keep their fans updated about the latest activities and whereabouts. Cricketers post their latest training sessions, promotional stuff, day to day activities and so on.

Every cricketer has his personal life. While some cricketers love to talk about their personal life openly on social media, there are others who keep mum on their private life. We have often seen cricketers accompanying their girlfriends or wives for games.

Cricketers don’t just get support from their fans but also from their wives or girlfriends. Nowadays, we have come across cricketers liking and commenting on their girlfriend’s posts. In this article, we will look at the adorable girlfriends of 5 young Indian players.

1. Ishan Kishan – Aditi Hundia

Ishan Kishan and Aditi Hundia

Ishan Kishan ended up as the leading run-scorer for Mumbai Indians in the thirteenth edition of the IPL. He hogged the limelight when he hit the balls out of the park with relative ease. He scored 516 runs at an impressive average of 57.33.

During his candid knock against CSK, Kishan’s rumoured girlfriend Aditi Hundia garnered all the attention. She took to the Instagram story and expressed her delight after Ishan Kishan’s batting heroics. She also keeps commenting on the cricketer’s posts more often than not.

In case you didn’t know, Aditi Hundia is a model and she participated in Miss India’s 2017 pageant where she was crowned as Miss India Rajasthan. Interestingly, she also won the Miss Diva 2018 pageant and was also crowned as Miss Diva Supranational.