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Who is the owner of the ‘Wrogn’ brand?

‘Wrogn’ is a luxury apparel brand that designs, manufactures and sells clothing and attachments. The apparel brand is known for its unique design marketing, and advertising. Over the years, the Indian youth fashion brand has done persuasive marketing to garner the attention of youngsters.

Today, the company is quite famous among youngsters from across the country. It was launched in 2014 by Indian superstar Virat Kohli in partnership with Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd. The fashion brand announced its arrival in the subsequent year. Since then, it has become exclusively available at Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra.

Known for its trendy and youthful clothing line, the apparel brand includes casual wear, denim, T-shirts, shirts, trousers and much more. The popular fashion brand has achieved a great deal of success by producing products that are both stylish and trendy and by creating strong relationships with its customers.

Who is the owner of the ‘Wrogn’ brand?

Wrogn has well and truly carved out an identity for itself as one of the best clothing brands in the country. Notably, it has provided excellent customer service to build loyalty among its customers. For the record, the apparel brand is owned by Universal Sportsbiz, which was founded by Anjana Reddy.

India’s batting great Sachin Tendulkar later came in as a co-investor in the ambitious startup. Virat Kohli was roped in as the brand endorser before the apparel brand co-invested in it. The apparel brand’s revenue remained at INR 4.8 crore till 2014.

After that, Virat Kohli changed the fortunes of the brand. In 2016-17, the revenues saw a staggering increase as it escalated up to INR 101 crore. In 2018, the brand’s identity went to the next level when it was named the official partner of Royal Challengers Bangalore.


The fashion brand named South African great AB de Villiers as its new brand ambassador. Wrogn is co-owned by Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and Universal Sportsbiz Pvt Ltd.

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