Watch: Rishabh Pant makes a big blunder as his overthrow concedes 4 extra runs

Rohit Shamra unhappy with Rishabh Pant

Every cricket team wants to maintain sheer discipline throughout the game. The captain of the team would want his players to be sharp and decisive on the field. Any other infamous extras like the no-ball, wide ball or overthrows could change the complexion of the game depending upon the circumstances.

When a team requires 2 or 3 runs to win off the last ball, even if the bowler tries to keep the batsman in check, it is advisable not to throw at the stumps directly as it may lead to overthrows. In this scenario, an overthrow can cost a match. Coming to the point, India and England are currently playing the first Test of the four-match Test series.

Rishabh Pant gifts England 4 runs

The first Test match is being staged at MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai and for your information, the match is being played behind closed doors. During England’s batting, India’s wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant made a big blunder as his overthrow conceded four extra runs.

Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli couldn’t believe what they had seen as they remained silent. Overthrows can be easily prevented had the bowler or wicketkeeper or any player stand right in front of the stump to stop the ball. However, in this case, Rishabh Pant who was keeping the wickets did a silly mistake by aiming at the stumps.

At that time, Shahbaz Nadeem was not in front of the stump as the ball missed the stumps and went four a boundary over the long-on region. The incident happened during the last ball of the 73rd over when Joe Root defended Nadeem’s delivery and wanted to take a single. His partner Dominic Sibley was set to run towards the striker’s end before Root sent him back.

Meanwhile, wicketkeeper Pant who had his eyes on the ball quickly picked it up and aimed directly at the stumps. But no bowler or fielder was there to support the throw as the ball raced towards the boundary. Joe Root and Dominic Sibley added a 200-run partnership which put the team in a strong zone. England ended Day 1 with 258/3. Root scored his 20th Test century and is batting on 228 while Sibley was dismissed leg before wicket off Jasprit Bumrah’s bowling on 87.


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