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WATCH: Pat Cummins and Shivam Mavi combine together to take a brilliant catch to dismiss Riyan Parag

Pat Cummins and Shivam Mavi
Pat Cummins and Shivam Mavi. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Indian Premier League has come across fabulous fielding efforts during the passage of the play. The relay catches near the boundary ropes have been quite spectacular because it involves two players to complete the task, especially while taking a catch.

When a fielder is patrolling at either long-on or at long-off, one thing he would want to avoid is not touching the boundary rope while taking a catch. Although mistakes tend to happen on the field, thinking out of the box is something that has reaped rewards.

This is when the relay catches come in handy. When a fielder takes a catch and knowing that he would be touching the boundary rope having already lost his balance, he certainly needs a backup so that it can be considered a clean catch.

Pat Cummins and Shivam Mavi take a superb relay catch to dismiss Riyan Parag

During the recently-concluded game between Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals, Pat Cummins and Shivam Mavi combined together and pulled off a fielding brilliance. The effort reaped rewards as they both worked together to dismiss Riyan Parag.

The incident happened during the first ball of the 18th over when Sunil Narine pitched the ball right in the slot. Meanwhile, Riyan Parag sensed that it was a perfect opportunity to go for a maximum but he lacked elevation.

Watch the video:


Parag hit the ball towards the long-off region. Meanwhile, Cummins sprinted to take a catch in his safe pair of hands. However, he lost his balance in the follow-through. As it happened, Cummins smartly threw the ball high up in the air.

Shivam Mavi timed his jump to perfection and took a one-handed catch. The commentator Ian Bishop applauded the fielding brilliance. The video clip featuring Pat Cummins and Shivam Mavi taking a superb relay catch has gone viral on social media.

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