Watch: Old hilarious incident involving Stuart Broad and Luke Fletcher goes viral on social media

Stuart Broad clashes with Luke Fletcher
Stuart Broad and Luke Fletcher. (Photo Source: Twitter)

When a funny incident takes place on the field, the video clip involving these elements gets circulated by fans all across the world. It basically depends on how hilarious the video is. If it is extremely funny, the incident becomes the talk of the town. In 2018, a hilarious incident took place during the game between Nottinghamshire and Worcestershire.

What happened three years ago was not just an incident but an unforgettable memory for both Stuart Broad and Luke Fletcher. The drama unfolded when two batsmen hogged the limelight while taking a single. The two players clashed with each other while running between the wickets. The video went viral on the internet.

Stuart Broad and Luke Fletcher clashes while taking run

It is quite common in this era where any silly or comical incident draws the attention of the fans on social media. It was no surprise in seeing such an incident getting massive reach on social media platforms. Meanwhile, a recent tweet reminded us of an important lesson. Not all that is being portrayed on the internet can be always “true”.

“No. Luke Fletcher is not getting punched in the face by @StuartBroad8 as the picture might fool you into believing. The two are just caught in an unfortunate mid-pitch collision while taking a single. Moral of the story – Don’t believe everything that the media shows you,” a tweet read.

Although the incident did seem rather hilarious, Broad and Fletcher taking a glance at the ball while running into each other was the talking point. Luckily, both of them were not out in the process. At the same time, the pair wasn’t injured either. They just required basic treatment and after which, they were okay.

It was a major talking point at that time and even today, the fans still vividly remember that incident. On the other hand, the England cricket team are currently in India preparing for the fourth and final Test match against India which is scheduled to be held at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on March 4.