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Virat Kohli Water Price: Here Is How Much Evian Water Costs

Virat Kohli has taken the fitness level to a whole new level.

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly the most popular cricketer on the planet. He is a modern-day legend and one of the best ever the game has seen. Since his youth, the lad from Delhi has had immense talent and the potential to make it big. However, not just his talent but Kohli’s utmost discipline, coupled with hard work has made him the player he is today.

He is arguably the fittest cricketer in the world. He has taken his fitness regime to a whole new level and he keeps a strict tab on his diet as well. One thing that is crucial alongside the diet is consuming the right amount of water at the right time. At one point in time, numerous rumours were doing the rounds on the internet that Virat Kohli consumes black water.

However, it is just a myth as the Indian batting superstar has himself revealed that he drinks alkaline water. He consumes Evian Natural Spring water as it has several added health benefits to regular water.

Obviously, alkaline water helps Kohli stay hydrated, but it comes with a high pH level and boosts immunity as well. Water is not processed, chemical-free, and completely natural, hence, it has a high level of natural minerals that help in keeping skin radiating as well.

Given the amount Kohli earns, he does not have to worry about his expenditure on his health and fitness. He exclusively drinks Evian water that costs INR 4200 per litre in India. Yes, it costs almost 21000% more than the regular water in India. The former Indian skipper imports large shipments of Evian water regularly so that he does not run short of drinking water.

Virat Kohli Water Price

The Evian Natural Spring water that Virat Kohli consumes costs somewhere between INR 4200 per litre in India. So, even if he drinks only three litres of water a day, he shells out approximately INR 46 lakhs a year on his drinking water supply.


What are the qualities of Evian water?

It is a mineral-rich water and has more than 70 minerals in total that boosts the health of a person. Let’s take a look at the other qualities of Evian water:

  • It aids in hydration.
  • It has an extraordinarily high pH of 8.5 which boosts the immunity of a person.
  • It is completely natural and chemical-free; thus, it improves skin texture and tone.
  • It boosts the metabolic rate in the body which helps in losing weight quickly.
  • It also helps in checking Diabetes and high blood pressure.

Does Virat Kohli drink Black Water?

There were reports surfaced that the Indian cricketer also drinks Black Water. However, he later cleared that he tried it a couple of times but doesn’t consume it daily. He said, “I have tried black water a few times but I don’t drink it regularly. But we do drink alkaline water at home.”

How can you get Evian Natural Spring water?

As we have already discussed, it is picked directly from natural resources without getting processed. It is found near Évian-Les-Bains, one of the largest lakes of natural spring water in Western Europe.

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