Top 10 tallest cricketers of all-time

While the tall players enjoy a fair bit of advantage, they also have notable weaknesses.

Mohammad Irfan
Mohammad Irfan. (Image Credits: Instagram)

The cricket fraternity has seen a plethora of the tallest cricketers making a name for themselves in this competitive era. History tells us that the tallest cricketers have succeeded in the sport because it is quite obvious that they have longer arms and legs. As a result, it gives them an expanded reach when it comes to batting, bowling and fielding, which is seen as an added advantage.

This physical trait comes in handy when you are trying to play shots. Taller batters have greater physical strength which helps them increase the hitting power. Besides that, the tallest cricketer wouldn’t have to worry about the balls that are being bowled outside the off-stump since it is a bit easy for them to reach for those deliveries. If he is a bowler, then it is easy for him to generate bounce off the surface.

On top of that, he can generate more pace compared to the short bowlers. Taller cricketers have an edge in terms of fielding due to their large wingspan. As a result, they can make even the toughest of catches look so easy. Although height alone does not confirm the success rate, batters and bowlers of all heights did thrive in the sport. In this article, let’s take a look at the top 10 tallest cricketers of all time.

1. Mohammad Irfan – 7’1’’ (216 cm)

For the record, Mohammad Irfan is the tallest bowler ever in the history of cricket (international and first-class). The Punjab-born cricketer who operated as a left-arm medium-pacer for the Pakistan national cricket team is 7 feet, 1 inch tall. Popularly known as the ‘Burj Khalifa’ of Pakistan, he represented Pakistan in 4 Tests, 60 ODIs and 22 T20Is, taking 10 wickets, 83 wickets and 16 wickets respectively.

2. Joel Garner – 6’8’’ (203.20 cm)

The former West Indies fast bowler comes second on the list of tallest cricketers of all time with a height of 6 feet and 8 inches. He was one of the highly-rated fast bowlers during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Joel Garner represented the West Indies cricket team in 58 Tests and 98 ODIs. Notably, the former right-arm fast bowler took 259 wickets in the longest format whereas he took 146 wickets in ODIs.

3. Bruce Reid – 6’8’’ (203.20 cm)

Former Australian left-arm fast bowler is the third-tallest to grace the gentleman’s game. With a height of 6 feet and 8 inches, he was one of the most intimidating fast bowlers during the heydays of his cricketing journey. Had it not been for his injuries, he would have made a surreal impact in the long term. He accounted for 113 dismissals in 27 Tests whereas he took 63 wickets in 61 ODIs.


4. Kyle Jamieson – 6’8’’ (203.20 cm)

New Zealand international Kyle Jamieson finds himself on the list as he is one of the tallest cricketers in the world with a height of 6 feet and 8 inches. Jamieson shot to prominence after the 2014 Under 19 World Cup, where he finished as the joint second-highest wicket-taker for his team. Having made his international debut in 2020, he played 16 Tests, 8 ODIs and 8 T20Is taking 72 wickets, 11 wickets and 4 wickets.

5. Boyd Rankin – 6’7’’ (200.66 cm)

Boyd Rankin is one of the very few cricketers who played for two countries. The Northern Irish former cricketer represented Ireland, and briefly also played for England. With a height of 6 feet and 8 inches, he initially made his debut for Ireland in 2007. He went on to play for England as he made his T20I debut in 2013. On the other hand, he took 107 wickets in 75 ODIs and 8 wickets in 3 Test matches.

6. Chris Tremlett – 6’7’’ (200.66 cm)

Measured at 6 feet and 7 inches, the Southampton-born cricketer, Chris Tremlett is another tall fast bowler to get featured on this list. He was best known for his ability to extract bounce on any surface. Besides that, he was known for his sheer pace and accuracy. Tremlett represented England in 12 Tests, 15 ODIs and 1 T20I. He took 53 wickets in Tests, 15 wickets in ODIs and 2 wickets in Tests.

7. Steve Finn – 6’7’’ (200.66 cm)

Steve Finn was another tall fast bowler from England. Measured at 6 feet and 7 inches tall, he has been one of the tallest cricketers during his playing days. Steve Finn represented England across all three formats of the game and was best known for his impressive pace. Overall, he has played 36 Tests, 69 ODIs and 21 T20Is wherein he took 125 wickets, 102 wickets and 27 wickets respectively.

8. Curtly Ambrose – 6’7’’ (200.66 cm)

Curtly Ambrose is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time. The former West Indies paceman has been one of the tallest pacemen in West Indies’ cricket history with a height of 6 feet and 7 inches. Famously known as “Gentle Giant”, Curtly Ambrose represented the country in 98 Tests and 176 ODIs. Overall, he has taken 405 wickets in Tests and 225 wickets in ODIs.

9. Sulieman Benn – 6’7″ (201 cm)

Sulieman Benn is another name from the West Indies who is featured in the list of tallest cricketers in the world. Measured at six feet and seven inches, the Barbados-born left-arm orthodox spinner represented the West Indies national cricket team across all three formats of the game. He played 26 Tests, 47 ODIs and 24 T20Is wherein he took 87 wickets, 39 wickets and 18 wickets in the respective formats.

10. Jason Holder – 6’7″ (201 cm)

Jason Holder is the fourth player from the West Indies to get featured in the list of tallest cricketers of all time with a height of 6 feet and 7 inches. He quickly established himself as one of the important all-rounders of the national cricket team at a such young age. He represented the West Indies in 62 Tests, 134 ODIs and 51 T20Is wherein he took 155 wickets in Tests, 154 wickets in ODIs and 53 wickets in T20Is.

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