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IPL 2023: Top Batters With Most Ducks In IPL History

Some reputed batters made on the list.

There is perhaps no greater humiliation for a cricket batsman than being dismissed for a duck. Whether it’s Test cricket, one-day internationals, or the fast-paced excitement of T20 cricket in the IPL, the dreaded zero can haunt a player’s psyche long after the match is over.

Some cricketers struggle with nerves and anxiety in the early stages of their innings, leading to a hasty return to the pavilion without so much as a single run. For this reason, many players breathe a sigh of relief upon finally getting off the mark. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at those players who have earned the dubious distinction of registering the most ducks in IPL history.

Most Ducks By Players In IPL History

Player SpanDucksInnings
Mandeep Singh2010-221597
Dinesh Karthik2008-2215211
Rohit Sharma2008-2215225
Harbhajan Singh2008-211390
Parthiv Patel2008-1913137
Ajinkya Rahane2008-2213148
Piyush Chawla2008-211383
Ambati Rayudu2008-2213179

Mandeep Singh – 15 Ducks

With a whopping 15 ducks in just 97 innings, Mandeep has claimed the top spot on the list. Despite this, he boasts an impressive strike rate of 124.01 and has accumulated a total of 1694 runs so far. 

Dinesh Karthik – 15 Ducks

Karthik has remained a constant presence in the IPL since 2008, holds the second spot on the list of players with the most ducks. Despite being the tournament’s 10th highest run-scorer with 4386 runs to his name, this Chennai-born cricketer has also faced disappointment on 15 occasions, falling prey to the dreaded duck.

Rohit Sharma – 15 Ducks

The present captain of the Indian cricket team, has recorded 15 ducks in his IPL career of 225 matches, which is the third-highest number of ducks in the history of the tournament. Rohit Sharma‘s ranks fourth in terms of highest run-scorers, amassing a total of 5966 runs at a respectable average of 30.28. 

Harbhajan Singh – 14 Ducks

The notorious list of players with the most number of ducks in IPL includes the skilled spinner Harbhajan Singh, who shares the same count with Piyush Chawla at 13. Harbhajan was also a valuable asset with the bat, maintaining a strike rate of 137.91 as a lower-order batsman. 


Parthiv Patel – 14 Ducks

A seasoned campaigner of the Indian Premier League, has etched his name in the record books for the most ducks in the tournament, securing the 5th position. The left-handed opener amassed 2848 runs in 139 games. However, the unwanted record of 13 ducks is something that the batsman would rather forget. 

Ambati Rayudu – 14 Ducks

A steadfast middle-order batsman, holds the 6th spot on the list with 188 matches under his belt. While he takes his time to settle in, he has the potential to score big. He has been dismissed for a duck 13 times in his career.

Piyush Chawla – 14 Ducks

Piyush Chawla has etched his name in the record books by acquiring the 7th spot for the most number of ducks (13) in IPL. Throughout his remarkable 14-year-long IPL history, Chawla has scored a total of 589 runs in 83 innings at an average strike rate of 110.71. He holds the esteemed position of being the 6th highest wicket-taker in IPL with an impressive 161 wickets.

Ajinkya Rahane – 14 Ducks

Rahane is a dependable asset for the team. His array of excellent strokes enables him to maintain a steady scoring rate. Despite his proficiency, Rahane has succumbed to the opposition bowlers on 13 ducks.

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