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Meet Rajal Laxmi Arora – the only female staff in India men’s cricket team

In the context of cricket, teams usually have a support staff who plays a significant role in various aspects of the cricketers’ preparation, overall team strategy, performance and so on. They work in tandem with the cricketers in the hope of sharpening their skills and overall performance.

In the history of Indian cricket, only male members have been a part of the support staff. Meanwhile, for the first time, a mystery girl was spotted in a group picture of the Indian cricket team following the historic Test win at Cape Town of late.

The picture includes Indian cricketers who were part of the Test squad of the South Africa tour. Apart from that, there were coaches and support staff as well but what caught the eyes of the fans was when a female staff posed for a group picture with the entire team.

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Who is Rajal Arora and what’s her role in the team?

The picture of the Indian cricket team including the coaches and support staff went viral on social media. Most of the netizens were taken aback upon seeing a mystery girl in the picture and she is none other than Rajal Arora, who is the only female staff in the India men’s cricket team.

Netizens are also curious to know more about Rajal Arora and let’s learn about her in detail. She kick-started her career as a journalist after obtaining a degree from Pune’s Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications. Notably, she joined the BCCI in 2015 where she took charge as the social media manager.


After gaining considerable years of experience, she works as the Digital and Media Manager of the Indian cricket team and IPL, according to her Instagram bio. She has worked with the BCCI for 8 years now and has been away from the limelight in the initial years. Overall, she has over 64,000 followers on Instagram.

For the record, Rajal Arora was inducted into the four-person internal committee. Moreover, she plied her trade as the head of the Internal Grievance Committee. For the unversed, this committee monitors the misconduct of the cricketers. Rajal Arora is close to KL Rahul’s wife and B’wood actress, Athiya Shetty.

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