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ICC announces caught behind appeal will not be checked while stumping referrals

A rule change happens periodically in cricket and the ICC wants to ensure the sport’s competitiveness, fairness and importance. When a new rule is introduced by the ICC, there might be a need to sort out any loophole in future endeavours.

As a result, the ICC reviews and updates the rules such that the game is played in the right spirit. Meanwhile, in the latest development, the ICC has announced a huge change to the playing conditions. The change of rule means that the caught behind appeal will not be checked while stumping referrals.

A report from Cricbuzz states that the ICC hasn’t formally announced the rule change. However, the significant change has already come into effect on December 12. The on-field umpire referrals for stumping dismissals will no longer see the third umpire check the caught-behind appeal/dismissal.

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ICC announces significant rule change

For the record, the old rule means that the caught-behind appeals are checked in the first place before switching to the stumping dismissal. Now that the old protocol will no longer be taken into account, the third umpire will have an entirely new angle to give his final judgement.

According to the modified rule, the third umpire can only check the side on camera. In this way, it will confirm the decision for the stumping appeal. Earlier, there was a major loophole during the passage of the play when the teams used to make needless stumpings, forcing the umpires to take the decision upstairs.


The officials have no option other than to check whether it is caught behind appeal, without the teams taking a review in the first place. “The change confines a stumping review to only check for stumped, therefore preventing the fielding team a free review for other modes of dismissal (i.e., caught behind) without choosing a player review,” mentioned a report in Cricbuzz.

“(It) provides clarity in the regulations to ensure that a replacement player will not be permitted to bowl if the replaced player was suspended from bowling at the time of their concussion,” the report further states.

Meanwhile, the ICC modified the rules about the no-ball checks and time permitted for on-field injury ailments. “The third umpire will have a broader scope to automatically check all forms of foot fault no ball in addition to the front foot. Clarifies the time limit (maximum four minutes) allowed for an on-field assessment or treatment of an injury,” as per the new rule.

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