List of Virat Kohli Centuries in Test, ODI, T20I and IPL

Virat Kohli is marching towards the 100-century mark.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Virat Kohli is the greatest batter in the present era without the shadow of any doubt. He is an all-format player and is capable of taking the game away from the opposition whenever the situation demands. And, that’s why he is the best in the business.

The 33-year-old run-machine keeps things simple when he comes out to bat. He literally knows how to mount pressure on the opposition. Kohli gets off the mark and then plans to take singles or rotate the strike whenever possible.

At the same time, he dictates terms with his style of batting. More importantly, he maintains his consistency in his batting approach. This is what sets him apart from most other batters in the modern era. He has indeed set an example for future generations to follow suit.

List of Virat Kohli Test Centuries:

Virat Kohli has 29 Test hundreds to his name till date. Some of them came under extremely difficult conditions. Notably, he coverted those into 7 double tons as well, indicating his ability to score big once he is set.

124 January 2012Australia116Lost
231 August 2012New Zealand103Won
313 December 2012England103Drawn
422 February 2013Australia107Won
518 December 2013South Africa119Drawn
614 February 2014New Zealand105*Drawn
79 December 2014Australia115Lost
89 December 2014Australia141Lost
926 December 2014Australia169Drawn
106 January 2015Australia147Drawn
1112 August 2015Sri Lanka103Lost
1221 July 2016West Indies200Won
138 October 2016New Zealand211Won
1417 November 2016England167Won
158 December 2016England235Won
169 February 2017Bangladesh204Won
1726 July 2017Sri Lanka103*Won
1816 November 2017Sri Lanka104*Drawn
1924 November 2017Sri Lanka213Won
202 December 2017Sri Lanka243Drawn
2113 January 2018South Africa153Lost
221 August 2018England149Lost
2318 August 2018England103Won
244 October 2018West Indies139Won
2514 December 2018Australia123Lost
2610 October 2019South Africa254*Won
2722 November 2019Bangladesh136Won
289 March 2023Australia186Drawn
2920 July 2023West Indies121Drawn

List of Virat Kohli ODI Centuries:

ODI cricket is arguably the strongest format of Virat Kohli and his numbers are a proof of it. The 50-over format suits his batting style and it has been proven time and time again. Kohli has already scored 47 hunderds in this format and is expected to add many more before he quits the international stage.

124 December 2009Sri Lanka107Won
211 January 2010Bangladesh102*Won
320 October 2010Australia118Won
428 November 2010New Zealand105Won
519 February 2011Bangladesh100*Won
616 September 2011England107Lost (D/L)
717 October 2011England112*Won
82 December 2011West Indies117Won
928 February 2012Sri Lanka133*Won
1013 March 2012Sri Lanka108Won
1118 March 2012Pakistan183Won
1221 July 2012Sri Lanka106Won
1331 July 2012Sri Lanka128*Won
145 July 2013West Indies102Won (D/L)
1524 July 2013Zimbabwe115Won
1616 October 2013Australia100*Won
1730 October 2013Australia115*Won
1819 January 2014New Zealand123Lost
1926 February 2014Bangladesh136Won
2017 October 2014West Indies127Won
2116 November 2014Sri Lanka139*Won
2215 February 2015Pakistan107Won
2322 October 2015South Africa138Won
2417 January 2016Australia117Lost
2520 January 2016Australia106Lost
2623 October 2016New Zealand154*Won
2715 January 2017England122Won
286 July 2017West Indies111*Won
2931 August 2017Sri Lanka131Won
303 September 2017Sri Lanka110*Won
3122 October 2017New Zealand121Lost
3229 October 2017New Zealand113Won
331 February 2018South Africa112Won
347 February 2018South Africa160*Won
3516 February 2018South Africa129*Won
3621 October 2018West Indies140Won
3724 October 2018West Indies157*Tied
3827 October 2018West Indies107Lost
3915 January 2019Australia104Won
405 March 2019Australia116Won
418 March 2019Australia123Lost
4211 August 2019West Indies120Won
4314 August 2019West Indies114*Won
4410 December 2022Bangladesh113Won
4510 January 2023Sri Lanka113Won
4615 January 2023Sri Lanka166*Won
4710 September 2023Pakistan122*Won

List of Virat Kohli T20I Centuries:

Virat Kohli became one of the few Indians to have a century across all three formats after smashing a T20I hundred against Afghanistan. Coming back from a long break, he looked fresh and batting expressively to script the history.

18 September 2022Afghanistan122*Won

List of Virat Kohli IPL Centuries:

The right-handed batter has five IPL centuries to his name, out of which four came in one season only. After getting four hundreds in the 2016 season, he crossed the 100-mark after 3 years in the 2019.

1100*GLRajkot24 Apr 2016
2108*RPSBengaluru7 May 2016
3109GLBengaluru14 May 2016
4113KXIPBengaluru18 May 2016
5100KKRKolkata19 Apr 2019