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IPL 2022: “DRS was brought in to rectify mistakes,” Daniel Vettori bats for wides to come under the review

Former New Zealand skipper Daniel Vettori has called to bring wides and no-balls for height under the Decision Review System (DRS). In the ongoing edition of the Indian Premier League, there already have been multiple controversies regarding the umpiring decisions.

The umpires have been under the scanner continuously, given the poor-umpiring standards this season. While the wickets-related howlers could be rectified through DRS, major controversies have been sparked courtesy of dubious decisions regarding wides and no-balls for height.

On Monday, Kolkata Knight Riders registered a comfortable seven-wickets victory over Rajasthan Royals. However, the game was hanging in the balance at that moment, but a few questionable decisions from the umpires turned the game in favor of the Kolkata-based franchise.

Rajasthan Royals’ skipper Sanju Samson was frustrated with the umpires. So much so that he tried to mock the umpires by signaling DRS after the umpire Nitin Pandit adjudged a delivery from Prasidh Krishna wide despite the batter Nitish Rana moving a lot in his crease.

Sanju’s behavior has sparked a new debate about bringing decisions of wide and no-balls for height under the DRS. Former Kiwi left-arm spinner Daniel Vettori has opined that wides and no-balls for height should also come under the umbrella of the DRS.

The legendary Kiwi feels a wrong call could make a massive difference in a close game.


Daniel Vettori feels that the players should get a chance to decide

In a conversation with ESPNCricinfo, the former New Zealand skipper said, “I don’t think there was any thought of it actually being out. Absolutely [players should be allowed to review wides]. The players should be able to decide in such crucial matters.”

Daniel Vettori pointed out that wrong decisions regarding wides and waist-high no-balls could change the course of a game. He further added that the priority should be making the right decision, and technology should be used in such calls even when a wicket doesn’t fall.

“Today, it is a little bit different where it always looked like KKR are going to win. But we have sat here so many times and seen decisions go against bowlers that are so close and the umpire has got it wrong. So therefore the players should have some avenues towards rectifying those mistakes. That’s why DRS was brought in: to rectify mistakes. I would like to see that happen. And players are very good judges of that. They get it right more often than not,” Daniel Vettori concluded.


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