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Who is the fastest runner in cricket history and 2022?

Cricket is a game of margin and even a single extra run can affect the game in a large portion.

From a batsman’s perspective, the first and foremost thing to do is assess the conditions and go about the business. In fact, there are many ways to score runs on the field. Every batter’s dream is to smash a flurry of fours and sixes.

However, one must note that it is impossible to keep hitting sixes and fours in each and every delivery. This is precisely why a batsman cleverly tends to take singles and rotate the strike to his partner.

The cricket fraternity has witnessed several players running at a swift pace between wickets. This happens when the batter tries to steal an extra run by converting the 1’s into 2’s, 2’s into 3’s or 3’s into four runs in rare cases.

One must note that stealing extra runs on the field with fast-running ability might make a big difference in the end result. Now, in this article, we will take a look at the top 10 runners in the history of cricket:-

1. MS Dhoni

There is literally no doubt in mind that MS Dhoni was unarguably the best runner between the wickets. Despite having age on his side, he still mounted pressure on the opposition by converting singles into doubles or even three runs.

MS Dhoni kept his body in good shape and moreover his physique was so good that it truly helped him to sustain himself on the field for a longer period of time. Moreover, he plied his trade as a wicketkeeper-batsman.


Being a wicketkeeper is not that easy because it demands a lot of stamina, patience, focus, and concentration. MS Dhoni is the one and only captain in the history of the sport to have won three different ICC titles (T20 WC 2007, ODI WC 2011 and CT 2013).

2. Virat Kohli – The Fastest Runner in 2022

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly the fittest cricketer in the world and this is due to the fact that he keeps hitting gym sessions on a regular basis. This has helped him maintain fitness levels for several years now.

He is also popularly referred to as a fitness freak and has been an inspiration and fitness icon to all the youths of the country. Kohli is also one of the fastest runners between the wickets during the passage of the play.

Avid cricket fans can recall how MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli would breeze through the wickets by running at a lightning pace. They are quite often described as the fastest-running pair in the history of the sport.

3. Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja is one of the best all-rounders in the world without any doubt. The all-rounder recently missed the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia owing to an injury and his absence cost the team badly.

Jadeja is often referred to as a “three-dimensional player” since he provides his work rate in the form of three dimensions where he can tick the flow of runs, take wickets and also field incredibly well.

The 34-year-old is also considered one of the quick runners between the wickets. He is considered one of the most valuable players in Indian cricket and still has a few more years of cricket left in him.

4. Jonty Rhodes

When you come across the name “Jonty Rhodes”, it reminds us of his acrobatic run-out when he dismissed Inzamam-ul-Haq in the 1992 ODI World Cup. The incident happened three decades ago and it still remains in fans’ memory.

During the playing days of his cricketing career, Jonty Rhodes was referred to as the “best fielder in the world”. Let’s also not forget the fact that he was also one of the fastest runners between the wickets.

On top of that, Jonty Rhodes was also the first South African cricketer to take 100 catches in One Day Internationals. He represented South Africa in 245 ODIs and 52 Tests, scoring 5935 and 2532 runs in the respective formats.

5. Mohammed Kaif

Mohammed Kaif was one of the best fielders in the world during the heydays of his cricketing career. He was one of the fielders who was a nightmare for the opposition batsmen during the gameplay.

It is due to the fact that Kaif is known for affecting brilliant runouts, taking acrobatic catches and saving crucial runs for the team. His contribution to Indian cricket as a batsman and fielder shall forever remain in the memory of the fans.

The Natwest Trophy final hero was also considered one of the super-fast runners between the wickets. He played 125 ODIs and 13 Tests for India wherein he scored 2753 and 624 runs in the respective formats.

6. Brendon McCullum

Popularly known as “Baz”, Brendon McCullum was one of the vital cogs of the New Zealand national cricket team during the playing days of his cricketing career. He is known for playing the sport aggressively and has been a nightmare for the bowlers.

Apart from his ultra-aggressive approach, he was also smart enough to take some quick runs between the wickets. He kick-started his career as a wicketkeeper and since then, has lived up to his reputation.

Whenever the ball went behind the stumps en route to the boundary rope, Brendon McCullum went into the outfield with lightning speed only to stop the ball from touching the boundary rope.

7. AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers was one of the best batsmen in the world during the heydays of his cricketing career. The Protea batting great dominated the sport with his ultra-aggressive approach and that helped him bring the best out of himself.

Moreover, he was also one of the very few batters in the sport with the least haters because his style of play was liked and admired by the cricket fraternity. He is widely acknowledged as “Mr 360” because of his ability to play shots all around the park.

Besides showcasing his prowess and fortitude in international cricket, he was also heavily involved in playing in several T20 leagues across the globe. ABD was also one of the lightning-fast runners between the wickets.

8. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting was one of the backbones of Australian cricket. Under his captaincy, Australia went on to win two ODI World Cups and is also the only captain to have won two coveted honors in the 50-over format.

Besides being a world-class captain, he was also one of the best batsmen in international cricket. He was one of the batters who effectively took singles, doubles or even three runs when it mattered the most, which was his secret formula for building confidence.

Ricky Ponting was someone who always played according to the situation and which is why he was able to attain a great deal of success. He scored 13378 runs in Tests and 13,704 runs in One Day Internationals.

9. Steve Smith

Steve Smith is currently the best batsman in the Australian national cricket team. The Australian kick-started his cricketing career as a leg-spinner before gradually rising through the ranks and going on to become one of the finest batters in the world.

It is also worth mentioning here that he is one of the top four batters in the modern era. Besides that, he has maintained his fitness levels by conditioning his legs and running is an integral part of batting which also makes a large part of his fitness training.

The 33-year-old has played 89 Tests, 139 ODIs and 63 T20Is. He aggregated 8416, 4917 and 1008 runs in the respective formats. Smith has slammed 29 centuries, 4 double centuries and 36 fifties in Tests, 12 tons and 29 fifties in ODIs and 4 fifties in T20Is.

10. Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson is the captain of the New Zealand cricket team in the ODI and T20I setup. He is one of the fab four batsmen of the modern era. The veteran scored 7368 runs in the longest format, including 24 centuries, 33 fifties and 4 double centuries at an average of 52.6.

On the other hand, he has scored 6390 runs in One Day Internationals at an average of 47.7. Notably, he has hit 13 centuries and 40 fifties in this format. On the contrary, he has scored 2464 in the truncated version of the game including 17 half-centuries.

Kane Williamson is considered one of the fittest athletes in the world. He is someone who builds pressure on the opposition by being proactive in taking singles, doubles or three runs. Besides being a quick runner between the wickets, he is also one of the top fielders.

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