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England Cricket Bucket Hat: How is it different from Floppy Hat?

The special hat caught attention of the fans on several occasions.

Ever since some of the English cricketers’ were seen wearing Bucket hats, these hats have become a popular wearing attire. Bucket hats have been the center of attraction on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. For those who do not have much idea about Bucket Hats and how they are different from Floppy hats we have explained it below in detail:

How are Bucket hats different from Floppy Hats?

The size of Bucket hats and Floppy hats is a major difference between both. Bucket hats are smaller in size compared to the hats players wear during a match. Bucket hats provide a casual look.

Bucket hats came into the limelight when England pacer Stuart Broad was having a chat with former New Zealand fast bowler and commentator Simon Doull during a one-off test against Ireland at Lords about how he grips the ball while swinging it both ways. The video was shared by Sky Sports on social media platforms. Broad was wearing a Bucket hat during that time.

Other English cricketers wearing Bucket Hats

After Stuart Broad, England skipper Ben Stokes, and wicket-keeper batsman Jonny Bairstow were seen wearing Bucket hats. Both players were seen on the Lord’s balcony wearing Bucket hats during the match.

Where can you buy England cricket Bucket hats?

While it surprised many, England cricketers wore Bucket hats without any reason. Just like a floppy hat, a bucket hat is also a part of the cricketing gear.

Like other Jerseys and caps of any national side, bucket hats are available on England Cricket Board’s (ECB) official website where fans can book & buy them online. As per the rules, players need to wear the customary Test hats/caps while playing and not the bucket hats.


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