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U19 World Cup: Callum Vidler signals headshot alert to Shahazaib Khan before outsmarting him

Mind games are just part of the intricate mental battle between the bowler and batsman during the passage of play. These are the things that make the game ever so interesting and engaging. Bowlers try their maximum best to employ mind games and game plans to dismiss the batsman.

Some bowlers give warnings or maintain prolonged eye contact with the batsman to intimidate them. They do all this stuff to unsettle the batsman to sniff a scope to dismiss him. Meanwhile, the fans witnessed one heck of a mind battle during the semi-final between Australia and Pakistan in the U19 World Cup at Willowmoore Park, Benoni.

Callum Vidler deployed a mind game tactic to unsettle Pakistan’s U19 batter Shahazaib Khan and the latter just fell for the trap. The video clip of the same spread like wildfire on social media, with the netizens praising the young pacer for getting the better of the batter.

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Callum Vidler outsmarts Shahazaib Khan after a mind game

The drama unfolded during the 10th over of Pakistan’s innings when Australia’s young bowler, Callum Vidler gave Shahazaib Khan a headshot warning. He hinted that he would bowl a bouncer. As it turned out, the bowler cleverly pitched in with a full-length ball a tad outside the off-stump.

Watch the video:


The left-hander tried to smack the ball towards the off-side in the hope of converting it to four runs but was caught by Hugh Weibgen in his safe pair of hands. Shahazaib Khan had faced intense pressure as he wasted too many deliveries at the crease. He had to play the shot but that backfired him as he fell into the trap set by Callum Vidler.

The batsman made his way back to the dressing room after scoring 4 off 30 balls. Pakistan U19 were bowled out for 179, courtesy of Tom Straker’s 6/24. In response, Australia U19 struggled to produce a spark in the run-chase but somehow managed to chase down the target and won by 1 run. Australia U19 will lock horns with India U19 in the showdown at Willowmoore Park, Benoni on February 11, Sunday.

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